Leaving the car behind may not always be your first thought, but choosing to walk, bike, bus or rideshare is a rewarding decision that yields many benefits to yourself and your community.

To help make it easier, Midtown on the Move offers the following benefits to Midtown residents who take the pledge:

  • Free bus passes mailed to pledge participants
  • New, on-street signage to help you get around without your car
  • A chance to win prizes from neighborhood shops, bars and restaurant
  • A friendly person on call to help you navigate your travel choices:
    Shelby Braun | | 402-996-3153 (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)


Walk Score
Find out how walkable your neighborhood is. Plus, see which places are within walking distance.

Pedestrian Safety Tips from AAA
Helpful guidance on staying safe when walking.

Google Maps
See how long your trip will take on foot by using the “Directions” feature and then clicking on the Walk icon.


Omaha Metro Bicycle Map
Plan your trip around Omaha, find a list of bike shops and helpful safety tips.

AAA Bicycle Safety
Information on bike basics such riding safely, bike equipment and maintenance, and sharing the road.

Heartland B-cycle
Learn how to use Omaha’s bike sharing system.

Interactive Omaha Bicycle Map
Locations of Omaha bike racks, bike Fixit stations, B-Cycle stations, Bike Omaha Commuter Network, and trails.


Video on How to Ride
Great video on how to take the bus plus other bus know-how.

Bus System Map
Metro Transit has made their system much easier to understand with many routes running every 15 minutes.

Google Maps
Easily plan your trip by using the “Directions” feature and then clicking on the Bus icon.


City Taxi
Call 402-933-8700 to connect directly with a taxi driver.

Happy Cab
Call the dispatch center at 402-292-2222 or download their app to get a taxi. Includes Happy Cab, Yellow Cab, Checker Cab, Cornhusker Cab and Safeway Cab